A Cool Makeover for Your Appliances in Under $10 only


Most people tend to replace old appliances after they have been in use for a several years; however, for people who cannot afford to replace expensive ones and are more interested in using the money in other useful places.

These are the most important supplies you’ll need to complete this renovation successfully.

  • Rustoleum Protective Enamel paint
  • Brush or Roller
  • Spray paint for knobs
  • Spray laquer

Most of them can be found on garage shelves, exactly where you store all your handtools!

Over at killerbdesigns.com they offer a great step by step makeover project with only $10. See how you can revamp your old appliances in just ten bucks.

To find out exactly how to make this great makeover project , head over to killerbdesigns post now!

Image credit killerbdesigns.com

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