Inspirational decoration that take the whites and blacks colors to the next level

black white decor

The color white always soothes. It looks refreshing to the eye and also create an illusion of an open and airy space. A little thinking and some inspirational ideas and you too can use white to decorate your homes and office spaces attractively. Over at Sara Cation shares some great ideas about utilizing the white color in home decor.

“See how cool winter whites take centre stage in this Scandinavian chic house year-round.”

Making it personal and elevating your entrance with evergreens are just two of these ideas…

styleathome: 10 ways to decorate with white

10 Great Ideas To Decorate With White Color

Read the complete collection of ideas here

If you want to go a bit further, and get more inspirational decoration that take the whites and blacks colors to the next level, then thesnug is the place to go… Here is the link to it’s all black and white…decor

images credit (gravity-gravity.tumblr | Home Adore )

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