10 Up-doing Hairs – Long and Thin

10 Up-doing Hairs  Long and Thin

Long and thin hair is always a problem when it comes to styling up as they are not very easy to handle. They have the tendency to look monotonously dull and boring therefore blunt bangs on the front can actually highlight the silky straight hair in a stylish manner. Another hairstyle is the tight, messy or loose up-do that will accentuate the facial features even more without making the hair appear too thin and uninteresting.

Making lovely braids is another great way to style up long and thin hair whereas adding hair accessories like fancy clips also beautifies them up. Creating an illusion of volume through random layering actually make the hair appear thick and bouncy. There is a messy look through slight bangs that can add a bit of fun and interest to the otherwise dull hair.

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