12 Best Ways to Get a Fireproof Home


Do you happen to live in an area that is prone of catching fire? Instead of evacuating from your beautiful home, make your home resistant to fire by shielding it with safety measures, fireproof home tips which are equally beautiful and durable for your home. It’s always smart to take precautions if you are living in such places.

The following are some of the ways that most kept my attention from all the 12 ways to fireproof your home original post at sunset.com

  • Fire proof cabinets – Cabinetry made of Seared olive wood. “There are no flammable materials on the outside.”
  • insulated concrete panels in the roof
  • narrow windows to make the bedroom feel sheltered from the elements
  • “Install vents that block embers and flames from entering.”
  • Create a defensive space. “Clear the area 100 feet around your home of dead grass and leaves”

Over at Sunset.com you will read and hopefully learn how a family completely rebuilt their home after a wildfire. One of the bests reading you can do today. You should head over for about 1 min to check these 12 fireproof ways here,  it is always worth making some effort about keeping your family safe!

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