12 Tried and Trusted Small Kitchen Design Ideas

12-tried-and-trusted-small-kitchen-design-ideasHere is something rare and worth sharing. Small kitchens are hard to design and trial and error is unavoidable. Usually people share things that are not true or tried, and when people venture towards using those ideas, they flop.

  1. Kitchen Counter Bars
  2. Under-Cabinet Lighting
  3. Cut the Corners
  4. Reflective Surfaces
  5. Kitchen Islands
  6. Backsplash Shelving
  7. Taking off upper cabinet doors
  8. Integrated Cabinet Pulls
  9. Hooks
  10. Special Solutions
  11. Hanging Storage
  12. Custom Details

Now you can trust this twelve amazing ideas for your small kitchen design, with peace of mind that things will work right. Check them out now on Small Kitchen Design Ideas Worth Saving …there are pictures all along the way!

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