15 Amazing New Trendy Ideas for Wicker Furniture Decorating


Who doesn’t love wicker furniture? Everyone loves furniture that looks trendy, classy, elegant, and that lasts for several year and that is easy to maintain. Wicker furniture creates its own impression, which is why it is the best piece of interior décor one can buy.

According to this aticle over at wikihow.com there are likely 4 methods to care for wicker furniture:

  1. Clean Your Wicker Furniture Regularly – Vacuum, remove and pick out lint and pet hair.
  2. Wash Your Wicker Furniture – To know what kind of wicker you have, wipe it with the proper cloth, wash it with a garden hose, dry the furniture.
  3. Remove Mold and Mildew from Your Wicker Furniture – Remove the mold and mildew. Air dry the furniture for some days. Move it to another location.
  4. Place the Wicker Furniture in a Suitable Location – Do not place it in a location with direct sunlight. Checl the humidity level of your home, and move it accordingly.

Things may get boring using the same set of furniture each year, which is why you need to read the 15 new and trendy ideas proposed by decorazy.com.

These are just a few places you can install wicker furniture on:

  • Transitional Dining Rooms

  • Contemporary patios

  • traditional porch designs

  • Mediterranean-Tuscan living room

  • Mediterranean patio designs

  • Moden yards

To see images and the distribution of all these designs, simply head over decorazy’s 15 wicker furniture decorating ideas here

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