19 Best Kitchen Designs In The World

19-best-kitchen-designsElledecor shared recently their collection of the 19 best kitchen designs in the world. Light fixtures, stools, paved floor, oven and stove, cabinet color, etc, are some of the things you alter to make your kitchen have a better look. However, deciding what color theme to use, which sort of arrangement to get, where to keep things and the type of tabletop or cabinets to use is not as easy as you may think.

I’ve checked that list and it seems that there’s just one kitchen outside US. That red wallpapered London’s flat kitchen, which don’t like at all.

In the kitchen of a London flat designed by Alex Papachristidis, 19th-century neoclassical prints from John Rosselli International are displayed against Nina Campbell’s Tamarin wallpaper from Osborne & Little.

I don’t like either the kitchen decorated by Sheila Bridges, #18 in the list….simply because the felt rug in a cooking area doesn’t show too much style for me, but hey! It’s my opinion.

What do you think? My favourite is number #6: Darryl Carter’s design, just love it with that charming fireplace 🙂

Read the full collection and check the wonderful pictures of the 19 A-List Kitchens chicest kitchens in the world

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