22 Mirror DIY Decorative Ideas You Cannot Simply Ignore


Next time you watch your mirror, add some style and personal decor to it. Yes, this is true, with some really effective and unique yet simple to follow ideas, you can add beauty to the mirrors that hang on your walls. One can use some great methods to beautify the mirrors.


Image credit marthastewart.com

I’ve just found over at tipnut.com a fantastic article revealing 22 simple ways to add some style and beauty to your mirrors. Lots of great budget friendly ideas in this set of articles that are gift-worthy too.

To find out more head over to her full article over at tipnut.com

How to Take your Mirror Selfies To A Whole New Level

While poking around buzzfeed this morning, I found an stuning post from the thousands they publish every day. Helene Meldahl, instagrammer @mirrosme, aka “the girl who is putting her doodles to good use” shares how she’s gotten attention for clever Instagram selfies. The image below is the one that I liked the most.

But there are tons of them..To see more visit this post from Jessica Probus at buzzfeed.com

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