Twenty-Nine Captivating Staircase WOW Ideas


The staircase is one of the most favorite places for kids in the home, because they love to run up and down. By adding a little detail according to your taste and interest, you can renovate your home in no time. Colors, textures, and innovative ideas plays big role in changing the outlook of your staircase.

Nautical Vibe

Nautical Vibe

Numbered Stairs

Numbered Stairs

Add a Staircase runner by Woodard & Greenstein

staircase runner by Woodard & Greenstein

Perhaps adding some prints to adorn your staircase walls?

Perhaps adding some prints to adorn your staircase walls

The above are just 4 ideas, over at countryliving.comyou can see 29 ways to change it into an amazing piece of art that you can cherish forever.
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