30 Must-Follow Style Hacks

30Must-Follow Style Hacks

Following style hacks is a brilliant way to revive the use of old clothing in a trendy and fashionable way. Some tricks of the trade include an old cardigan pulled down till waist thus forming a stylish mini skirt, using men’s shirt as a strapless sundress, wearing skirt as a cowl scarf, and simply knotting up a scarf into a shoulder bag are fabulous style hacking ideas.

Turning maxi dress into halter dress as well as reviving men’s shirt into a tunic offer great ideas to speedily upgrade the fashion wardrobe without emptying the pockets on designer wear. T-shirt bolero and transforming hoodie into a skirt along with neon convers defines a perfect style statement for teenage funky look. These conveniently easy ways to jazz up any wardrobe offer free of cost styling up and is trend setting at the same time.

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