33 Recycled DIY Cuties You Can Make Today


Things that go waste inside the recycling bins can be useful to be better items for home décor. Find out about how to turn the cereal boxes into unique piñatas or turn bottles into cute little lamps. You can do it all by yourself without aid from any arts person.

Most of them don’t make any sense for me. Who is going to wear the crochet shoes #20 ? and what would you say about their #1? That incredible bottle light of auntpeaches.com that costs $3 to make? Well… I’m sure that it takes time to make every of them, but most are a completely NO No. Please, check out the #8 apartmenttherapy.com art’s display with paper towel….trendy or what?

However, there are some within the list of 33, which are incredible. Like for instance the cute planters made from soda bottles, #24….makezine.com and the lamp made from rolled up newspapers, #26; marrietta.ru… This last one with instructions in #@$% russian !#$%|! 😀

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