4 DIY Patch-up Solutions to Restore your Wardrobe Wisely

Happy PatchingNo worries if your favorite wardrobe collection is aging and wearing. Who wants to disown the favorite outfits right away anyway?

It seems like as if there is a lot that can be done before you deprive yourself of your favorite stock even if those clothes they are faulty now.

Since the buzz about sustainable living actually did create quite some awareness in the masses, easy DIY solutions can come in really handy.

Easy to follow patchwork guide can help you restore all the clothes that you still wish to wear because patches are back.

Including a guide to learn to transform a sweater from this..

patchwork guide-placingfeltpatchonsweater

To this…patchwork guide-finished-sewing-felt-patch-on-sweater

Find out various patchwork ideas over at designmom.com, where Gabrielle Blair shares 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe!

Here is the link to this article…

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