4 Fantastic Living Room Decorating Ideas With Pallets



Pallet coffee table on wheels for living rooms

Pallet coffee table for living room

Coffee tables are an absolute must have for all living rooms without which they look incomplete. Chic, wooden coffee tables on wheels don’t just look great but are easy when it comes to shifting around or redecorating.

Over at instructables, they show how this wonderful pallet coffee table has been used to give a remarkable new look to the living room!

instructables – Wooden Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels

 Tutorial for making a wonderful pallet Ottoman sofa

Tutorial for making a wonderful pallet Ottoman sofa

Ever thought you’d take on a do-it-yourself project to make a sofa seat because it was ultra easy, quick and cheap? The Ottoman sofa looks great in living rooms and costs quite a bit when purchased from a home store. Click the link for a step by step tutorial on how you can make the grand Ottoman yourself at home!

DIY Pallet Ottoman Tutorial

DIY project for a splendid pallet desk

DIY project for a splendid pallet desk

If you have worked with pallet before, you’ll know how amazing the material is when it comes to flexibility and cost effectiveness. It is excellent in making a number of home decor items as well as furniture quite easily.

See how you can make an excellent pallet desk at home, which can be placed anywhere conveniently! Read the complete instructions ==> instructables.com

DIY flower box using pallet

DIY flower box using pallet

image source : migonishome.com

Add a new item to your interior décor that exudes class and a rustic feel at the same time. A pallet flower box is not just easy to make, it is delicately simply and sophisticated, and can enhance the existing look of your room.

Here is a comprehensive tutorial showing you exactly how you can fashion a flower box from pallet and decorate it in your house.  Details here…

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