8 Ways to Add the ‘70s Touch to Your Home

8 Ways to Add the ‘70s Touch to Your Home

Don’t we just love the seventies’ era, and the crazy fashion featuring huge dots, stripes, bright colors, and floral fabrics, even thinking about all of it brings a warm smile on my face.

According to goodhousekeeping, this is what summer looked like in 1977:

  • Jumpsuits made their big fashion debut
  • Stevie Wonder’s groovy grooves topped the charts
  • A little film called Star Wars hit theaters
  • Super low cut bathing suits were all the rage
  • The King of Rock & Roll passed away
  • Check out more here

So…why not make the 70s a part of your home as well, to give a touch of warmth and happiness to the every corner of our house.

8 Ways to Add the 70s Touch to Your Home

Follow the link below and head over to sunset.com to learn eight easy ways to embrace the 70s style at home:

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