A tiny house project just from recycled materials

Kristen and Dave are a lovely married couple; he is geologist and she’s language teacher, and they decided to build up their own tiny house from recycled materials. a-tiny-house-project-just-from-recycled-materialsWhat does minimalism mean for you? When they were asked about minimalism, this is what they think it is:

“Minimalism for us is reducing: reducing material goods, reducing impact on environment, reducing need for new production of materials. So, our goal throughout this project is to use as many reused objects as possible in the building and creation of our new home. “

The following couple of photos have been taken from the inside. As you see, the is plenty of details.



This is a quick run-through of Kristen and Ed Edge’s tiny house.

To see the longer version, just grab you cup of coffe, sit back and relax watching it…it’s worth every second!

To check the full project, and see much more detailed photos, simply head over to edgeofgreencasitas.

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