Accentuating the High Street Apartments


Image Sources: nata-shatalova, selldorf

Look of the year for interiors of high street apartments is actually the boldness and vivaciousness through bright accents and theme based decorations. Futuristic ideas of all white interior, curtain glass partitions and straight lined furniture are a popular choice of the designers. According to them, creating such interiors complement the living style and routines that individuals follow today.

Glossy, washable surfaces and organic forms turn out great in maintenance and durability.

Image credit Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Another theme for these apartments is luxuriously cozy interiors having wooden floors and wooden beams running for an earthy and relaxing feel. Terraces for enjoying the summer sun, windows openings for picturesque views and simple baths create beautiful beach house theme. Other decorating ideas are the ones that create cozy living interior within a huge space and neutral splashes with colorful corners.

Info about several other interesting themes is available at

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