The Best Airport’s Café Inspirational Design


I know that many Trending & Styles today readers are keen coffee lovers and travelers. So if you ever have the change to visit the Perfectionist’s Café at the T2 of the London’s Heathrow airport, then you will get in love forever.

The design of this café/restaurant is far from boring. This is an attractive and stunning stylish place to get away while waiting for the boarding time.

Have a look at the recently designed “Perfectionist’s Café” by Afroditi Krassa and this is what you’ll get:

To drive the design language, AfroditiKrassa looked for inspiration in iconic movie and TV references such as Mad Men and Catch Me If You Can.

While looking on the internet for similar places, it came up with a wonderful list of 20 establishments, including bars, cafés and restaurant interior designs in the world. Most of them are simply mind blowing, others though look like the Alien cave base. Have a look at the proposal #1 – “H.R. Giger Museum Bar,Gruyères, Switzerland”.

OK well… to see the Heathrow’s Perfectionist Café design, read the full review over at here

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