5 Black and White Themes for Nurseries

black-white-nurseriesWhite and Black nurseries are an awesome choice. They are preferable as they become more prominent than the typical pink and blue nurseries.

Not to mention it looks much more stylish and makes it more appealing. Black and white nurseries don’t seem dull at all, and they look ideal for babies and suits babies too. So, try it!

These are the 5 projects you’ll find at apartmenttherapy.com…

  1. Finn’s Black and white Woodland Nursery
  2. A beautiful black and white space for kids
  3. Maxwell’s Mix of Old & New Nursery
  4. A Nursery Gets the Black and White Treatment
  5. Black and white baby room from Penelope Home.

For more in detail ideas, check apartmenttherapy.com – 5 Bold Black & White Nurseries

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