A Dressing Table and Other DIY Wallpaper Projects

wallpapered dressing table

Every home has a dressing table that grows old with the people living in it. It looks worn out, tired, boring and just occupies space unnecessarily.

However, it still holds a sentimental value for the owner and losing it is not always an option. If you have a similar table in your house, you can explore the best way to use wallpaper on the dressing table on craftynest.com to make it look brand new once again.

Wallpapered dressing table


Read the full article entitled wallpapered dressing table here – image via craftynest.com

7 Fantastic DIY Wallpaper Projects

DIY Wallpaper Projects

Wallpapers have the ability to transform the look and feel of the entire place. However, there are so many varieties and designs available that it becomes difficult to choose just the right one for the right place.

You can check out this post over at styleathome.com to get some fantastic ideas about wallpapers and DIY wallpaper projects that save time and money both.

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