Trends and Ideas in Decorative Crown Molding

Decorative moldings are a great way to beautify your home interiors. Here is some information related to installing them, and where you should install them in homes.

Here we are also discussing the materials from which they are made of…

The 5 Best Places To Install Decorative Moldings

They enhance and add decoration to your home. They are installed as trims to many places in the house, such as:

  1. Ceilings /Foyer ceiling . reddoorhome
  2. Doors –
  3. Walls / decorpad
  4. Floors / image pinterestfloor-crown-molding
  5. Windows / image pinterest

Generally, most homes come with moldings as standard pieces of decor on the doors and windows, but more can be added later on in many appropriate places. They are quite stylish and add to the plain look of the ceilings, walls, etc.

Moldings are made of a number of different materials, major among them being wood – soft wood and hardwood among others, including faux wood crown molding.

Moldings made of resin are also popular; The main advantage of having them is that they cover up any defects in the construction, as well as poor workmanship, and enhance the complete look of the room.

Where To Use Decorative Moldings

Installing them is a great way to add finishing touches to your home.

The styles you select will depend on the style and architecture of your home; for contemporary home styles, and those for home styles with the old world touch, will differ.

The moldings for the latter homes will be more heavily decorative, whereas the ones for the contemporary homes will be sleek.

If you decide to install crown moldings on your ceiling, you need to take into consideration your room size, and the ceiling height.

Big crown designs in smaller rooms with lower ceilings will seem to overpower the rooms.

Experts recommend that you pre-paint them before installation. This will require less effort than painting them once they have been installed.

For your dining room and the living room, the simple crown molding traditional style would be more appropriate. Your bedrooms and bathrooms can go with the contemporary styles. The same will be true for your kitchen also.

Let us look at the best places to install decorative moldings in your home:

  • Along And On The Ceiling – The ceiling is the most visible place for moldings. There are moldings that form a projection at the top of the walls along the ceiling.
    Such moldings are popularly known as Cornice moldings, and are quite sought after. The size of your room will dictate the size of the moldings to be used.

Traditionally moldings of plaster (stucco molding) are made and adhered to the ceilings. Alternately, moldings are carved from plaster on the ceilings.

Today, many people have replaced plaster moldings with moldings made from polyurethane or polystyrene, and these are painted to blend with the existing decor of the rooms.

At times, a special molding is made at the center of the ceiling, as a focal point for installing chandeliers, or other fixtures.

  • The Floor – The place at which the lower part of your interior walls meets the floor, a different type of surface is installed. This is generally a board, which could be plain or decorative, depending on what you like. Such moldings, known as dadoes, cover the area where the walls join the floor. Depending on your choice, they could be anything from 2 inches to 8 inches in height.
  • Along And On The Walls – Walls often get damaged or scratched by the chairs when they are backed into them. To cover these marks, generally plain or decorative moldings are fixed across the wall at chair height. If you have wainscoting in your rooms, moldings are an ideal way to cover the place where the wainscot meets with the rest of the wall.

Some people like to arrange moldings on the walls in a particular pattern to break the monotony of the plain walls. This imparts a recessed look and the different recesses can be painted with different colors, or the same color, depending.

  • Around And On the Doors – Beautiful decorative moldings are installed around the doors – actually around the doorframes – that add to the look of the rooms. They have the added advantage of covering the gaps that exist between the doorframes and the walls.

If your doors are plain doors, you can enhance their looks by adding moldings to them. They can form panels, or any other geometric shape, and just need to be nailed on, and painted to match, or contrast, with the rest of the door.

  • Around the Windows – Decorative moldings, also known as casings, are used to frame the windows to add to their look. They also help in covering any gaps that exist between the frames of the windows and the walls. Such casings can be of various widths to suit your requirements.

Other than the above five best places to install decorative moldings in your home, you can further enhance the decor of your home by adding moldings elsewhere.

You can completely transform your plain and drab looking bookcase just by adding moldings made of wood. Such moldings can simply be nailed on and painted, or polished, to match with the rest of the bookcase.

Other place you can consider is the fireplace, the framing of which with moldings will further enhance the decor of your room.

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