Stunning New Ways to Find Inspiration for Christmas Decorating

Christmas is a time of festivities, fun, and unfortunately, tacky decorations. As a child, we all delighted in the rainbow of lights and the figures of Santa and Frosty with red bows on everything imaginable.

However, for those with a carefully arranged decor, the Christmas season can actually bring chills as those old family favorites of reds and greens can clash severely with a modern decorating scheme….

So, instead of ignoring the holiday all together or gritting your teeth and bearing it, decorate for Christmas with classy alternatives.

An important part of decorating is to pick a theme or color scheme.

Top 15 Christmas Themes


There are a variety of themes that are fashionable and easy to find.

For those that want a more natural feel to their christmas decorations, several stores and designers offer figurines, wreaths, and other items using pine cones and other natural materials.


You can also choose to focus on the religious aspect of Christmas using nativity scenes. Color schemes such as light blues, golds, and silvers can add that subtle Winter-like feel to any room.

For any theme it is important not to overdo the decorations. A simple Christmas tree that adheres to the theme with a modest amount of lights and ornaments will be enough.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

Find inspiration with these 62 stunning new ways to decorate your christmas tree. More details here

Also a tasteful center piece, matching stockings and a small amount of garland is a great way to touch up any room.

Christmas does not have to be loud and abrasive. There are plenty of options to match any decor. Have fun and keep it clean and simple.

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