Displaying Your Collections and Media in a Creative Way

Displaying Your Collections and MediaIf you’ve ever walked into the home of someone who collects things, the first thing you notice is how ‘busy’ it looks.

There are so many things to look at, so many things to take in that you can feel overwhelmed by even the most beautiful collection of Imari porcelain.  Instead of creating an overwhelming look, here are some ways to display your collectibles in a kinder, gentler way.

Try adding a few shelves to your walls.  With easy to hang single shelves, you can create designs in the arrangement of these shelves on the wall without being too overbearing in the design.

Try shelves that are shaped like boxes as well as corner shelves and regular straight shelves. shanty-2-chic.com shares a great DIY media tutorial, check it out here Media-Shelf-Tutorial-DIYThe only concern is that you shouldn’t put too many shelves on the way or you will begin to look cluttered.

Next, you might want to use a small display case that can only hold a few pieces at a time.

This will help reduce the clutter, but also allow you to show off your pieces.  If you like, you can rotate the pieces that are in the case, as well as display new pieces as you buy them.

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