Trending DIY Hanging Lights for Your Backyard

diy-glass-hanging-lightsIt is a fact that hanging garden or yard lights found in home decor stores aren’t exactly cheap and require quite a bit of saving up to do for most people. But what if you could make your very own lights at home? Check out the project below by  Diane from inmyownstyle to find a comprehensive, extremely easy DIY project to make your very own hanging lights made of glass. They look absolutely wonderful!

How To Make Outdoor Glass Hanging Lights

Trending DIY Hanging Lights for Your Backyard

More hanging lights ideas I’ve found on the internet today…

DIY Nautical Mason Jar



Learn to do it here

How amazing is this little piece of goodness?

erineverafter-DIY Chandelier

Seen at erineverafter


Hanging Lights on Brick…now SUPER easy!

Hanging Lights on Brick
more details at

Lantern-styled Wine Bottle Pendant


This lighting idea would be so elegant in a “Love Scene”.


More here

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