DIY Pallet Projects You Will Love


Pallets are rapidly growing in popularity for a wide variety of uses and reasons. For everything from home decorating to gardening. When it comes to DIY pallet projects this cheap and easy to get material top the lists of handmade & cheap decoration ideas.

The following is the the list of the most creative, clever and trendy DIY pallet projects I found on the internet. With these ideas you’ll be able to furnish your entire home using just pallets…well kind of, enjoy!

Coffee table made using pallet – Intricately designed, dark wood coffee tables look pretty fancy but there is nothing that can beat the rustic touch that a pallet table creates. Pallets are ridiculously easy to work with and offers beginners a change to polish their creative skills. Check out this project over at to see how you can use a pallet table in your living room and revamp the complete look to woo visitors and family alike!

DIY tufted Ottoman project from pallet panels
– Got a load of old pallet but aren’t exactly sure where and how to use it? Looking for ideas that will allow you to utilize the pallet in a useful, creative manner without having to spend extra? Here is the perfect DIY project for you; I found this tutorial at, where you’ll see how old pallet has been used to create a grand looked tufted Ottoman sofa that can be placed in your living room!

DIY TV units made from pallet – There is hardly a more versatile material that can be fashioned into any furniture piece than pallet. Pallet is easily available, it’s cheap and it can be used in countless do it yourself projects! See how pallet has been creatively used to make the most perfect looking TV Unit that can be placed in the living room or bedroom.

Creating the rustic look with a pallet ceiling – While there is nothing that beats the look of a perfectly finished, elegant wooden flooring, same can be said for a wooden ceiling that creates an warm, rustic touch. This may sound like an expensive home decor idea, but it doesn’t really have to be with the right materials at hand! Here is how you can achieve the look using pallet panels which look great and can be purchased at a much lower cost from the market.

Making a pallet heart wall hanging – Now this is one of those things that really make a house, a home. It adds a rustic feel, a personalized touch and your creative talent to the home décor; plus it is a winner with guests and visitors.
See how you can make this ridiculously easy, yet beautiful pallet wall hanging decoration at home without spending a single buck!

Creating your very own pallet desk – If you like creative do-it-yourself projects, you’re definitely going to fall in love with this one! It’s not just incredibly easy and affordable, but it gives you a brand new desk in the end which you can use in any corner of the house to match the decor!

Follow the comprehensive guidelines from and create your very own pallet desk today

Creating your very own pallet bookshelf – Books are excellent companions; they increase your knowledge and groom your personality. Having them around the house adds a welcoming effect and speaks volumes about your taste to visitors. Keep your collection of books organized in this incredible pallet bookshelf that is both outstandingly beautiful and easy to make!

How to make a chair out of pallet wood – Wooden chairs always look great on your patio or in the garden. Chairs made out of pallet wood are even greater because pallet wood comes absolutely free! And when you don’t have to pay for workmanship even, the chair becomes even cheaper. Now you can build a chair of pallet wood yourself!

Make a pallet ended table using old wood – Old wood isn’t always meant to be thrown away, it can be used to create a number of things or decoration items for the house which are otherwise expensive when purchase. Here are guidelines to help you make your very own pallet ended table using old wood. It looks great wherever you wish to keep and has a wonderful rustic effect!

The Pallet Adirondack Chair – The Pallet Adirondack Chair is one of the most interesting items that are now on the home decor radar for all fashionistas. It is simple, unique and totally chic! You can read up all about this amazingly practical chair that can be used in all home decor things most conveniently over at

Creating your very own pallet art with creative frames
– There’s an endless list of things that you can do with old pallet panels, dozens of do-it-yourself projects to add something new and creative to the house everyday! Here is another creative idea whereby innovative pallet art was created using frames. Simple, chic, ultra classy and pocket friendly – what more could you possibly want!

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