Dream Space of a Genius

The Dream Space of a GeniusThe Wall Street Journal proudly featured the living space of an all-time genius clothing designer Rick Owens. He had created a home that was gritty, raw, dark and yet an entirely dream space. It happens to be a space that is industrial loft formerly used as the headquarters of French Socialist Party in proximity to the Seine in Paris. Very cleverly the concrete flooring and other architectural elements were left in a raw condition whereas insulation tiles, office cubicles and other unpleasant items were removed.

Creating a glamorously-glunge space, the term stylish suits best to an artistic living space and ambiance he has brought to life in a realistic manner.

Unique and eccentric furniture such as plywood felt-covered bed and rugs made out of military blankets appear weird but reflect a mind that is genius and creatively amazing. Read more at the link below:

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