Elegant 50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

When you share a lifetime with someone you love, it’s obvious you want to celebrate every special moment in a special way with special food around. Talk about wedding anniversaries, especially the 50th ones, and you just cannot have the scene completed without the right kind of a cake taking center stage. Whether you prioritize taste over tradition or you want something on a budget, there is a cake for you to celebrate your anniversary. The anniversary cakes always have a unique story to tell – they are all so special, so sophisticated, so elegant, and so celebratory.

You may have a tradition of ordering a cake every year to celebrate your anniversary, but nothing ordinary can recreate the magic on your 50th anniversary. The special day calls for special measures. It’s not difficult to be creative, but the catch is to get something that looks extra-ordinary and still exudes a great deal of elegance. We have collected a few nice creamy and chocolaty treats, and just a look at these cakes will tell them about their wholesomeness, and re-assure that cake, like love, can always be a great adventure!

Elegant is the one word to describe this creamy treat that gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate the special occasion in a tasty way…

50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

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White is the color to spell ‘elegance’, and this cake does just that on your 50th anniversary. What a sweet and glittering way to celebrate and express your love for your soul mate!

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A perfect example of a 3-tiered creamy treat with flowery embellishments to make you feel special and brighten your day.

Available at fifthavecakes.com

Share the story of 50 smooth years you had with your soul mate through the creamy smoothness of this 50th wedding cake. Let everyone know about your taste!

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Relive the magic of your special day with this 3-tiered fun yet extremely elegant-looking 50th anniversary cake accentuated perfect with golden flowers to give a soothing look. Already feeling hungry?

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No, money cannot buy love, but love can certainly grow fonder by spending some money to get this painstakingly beautifully decorated 3-tiered 50th anniversary cake with flowers and glitter all around.

found at cakecentral.com

Oh, yes, it’s a perfect example of a cake that looks like as if it’s wearing a branded robe with beaded necklaces – it surely tells your lady how much you love and adore her after 50 years of companionship.

found at cakethatinc.blogspot.com

Nothing can make your 50th anniversary sweeter than this 3-tiered, elegant yet stylish cake.

A perfect cake to go Golden… and white as well.

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Not interested in going with the regular white and gold 50th anniversary cake? Give this unique cake a try – it takes a different turn and blends white and golden in a stylish, yet elegant, and of course, tasty way.

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Mark the special occasion with this elegant yet impressive golden anniversary cake that you can personalize with photos of two of you soul mates. Let the world see your love on your 50th anniversary!

DIY instructions at stylemepretty.com

Let the world know that even after 50 years of companionship, your love is blossoming like the flowers on this elegant golden anniversary cake.

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Let this cake tell  your soul mate that 50 years were like 50 blinks and that it seems you will fall in love all over again to live the next 50 years with the lady you love. Let your love keep blossoming like the flowers on this elegant cake!

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Doesn’t this feel yummy? It definitely is, and it spells your love that has grown in the last 50 years, like the branch around this creamy, delightful cake.

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A perfect 50th anniversary cake that expertly spreads the festivity of your golden anniversary to every corner of your party venue. Let people imagine the sweetness of your love through the sweetness of this creamy delight!

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A short, sweet, and handsome way of telling your soul mate and everyone attending your 50th anniversary that your lady has made your life a bed of roses – white roses to be precise that lay gracefully on this two-tiered golden anniversary cake.

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Goodness! It’s been 50 years of love, care, respect, and companionship. Celebrate it right with this elegantly prepared golden anniversary cake that gives you enough space to share your true feelings for your soul mate.

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Enough of creamy round treats? It’s time to go rectangular with this three-tiered stylish, tasty, creamy, and elegant cake. It suits the festivity that’s in the air on your 50th anniversary  and is large enough to give all your attendees a chance to have a taste of your true love!

source cakecentral.com

Golden and white – a perfect combination to grab everyone’s attention on your 50th wedding anniversary . Pick this cake to let everyone know you’ve come so far but the love is still in the air, still growing, still getting stronger!

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