Expedit Functional Kitchen Bar

Expedit Functional Kitchen Bar

Smaller spaces need less of the aesthetics and more of the functionality especially kitchens that require unobstructed movement, substantial storage and smooth working space. If the kitchen bar can be dealt with cleverly, it can serve the purpose for all three functions mentioned above. Pre-fabricated Expedit doors and drawers can be used for creating the structure for a kitchen bar along with paint of a preferred color and door knobs. Mounted on steel arms just above the Expedit structure, a raised table top of any material can be used. This will distinctly serve the purpose for dinning or even preparation. Empty space between the shelving and table top can be cleverly filled with baskets of appropriate sizes to accommodate storage. The kitchen bar can be beautified as per theme or color scheme of the whole space utilizing the materials specified. For more ideas, visit the following link.

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