A Gorgeous Kitchen Makeover That’ll Blow Your Wig Off


Remodeling has become the talk of the town. Kitchens get amazing makeovers and those are just so wonderful that they leave the mind boggled. Remodeling and awesome makeovers require efforts on the part of the homemakers and the designers too.

Over at Natalme.com, Natalie Wright reveals a brilliant kitchen makeover in detail and step by step. From switching out the formica countertops to granite, to some serious cabinet doors refacing.  The result is stunning and everything looks silky smooth.

Natalie is asking for help about the hardwood flooring:

Thinking of refinishing the hardwood floors down the road.  Mr. Wright wants to do it right away and stain them a little bit darker. I actually like the oak color, which is shocking because I usually hate oak!  What do you think? Refinish floors or leave them as is?

In my opinion, refinishing the wood floor and stain them a bit darker would make the kitchen a complete revolution, but she should replace also the kitchen stools to match the new ambient….Just leave it as it is 😉

If you need inspiration for your kitchen’s makeover, you ought to check out the stuff posted on natalme.com

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