Variety of Different Granite Countertops Colors

Choose the right shade for the countertop to enhance the look. When you choose the right look for your countertop, you are assured of the best color ambient that merges perfectly with the decor around.

Question: I’m going to get a granite countertop installed on our kitchen island. We have agreed on granite after a lot of discussion and further discussion about it. We are now stuck at the color for the countertop.

We have gone around and seen plenty of colors and seem to like all of them, the lighter shades as well as the darker ones. Which ones would the professionals recommend?

There won’t be a lot of direct food contact as we hardly cook at home and there are only the two of us.

Sink and granite countertop

Answer: There are several color variations in granite countertops available. You can go on to choose one that is perfectly suited for your specific needs and requirements. Going by what you have told us, the best suited in your case, could be either the lighter or darker shades.

Since, you don’t expect to be cooking a lot at this point in time; stains will not be the major concern. However, please ensure that you keep in mind your future options too. If you choose for a really light shade of granite then it might not meet your future needs and a darker shade might not what both of you might agree upon.

Therein, go ahead and choose the one that has a lighter shade of beige or cream to it and is speckled with darker hues or vice versa. This will offer you a wider choice of using from the different kinds of granites on sale.

Also, you will be able to narrow down on a choice that is acceptable to both of you. Keep in mind the time that you will be able to devote to the cleaning of the countertop. A lighter color will require more of cleaning and maintenance.

If you go for entertainment more often then it might be a good option to go for darker finishes such as natural mahogany, oak or walnut.

These give the best natural hues and tones to the surrounding and bring about a natural kind of ambience into your home. Ultimately, the choice of the right colored granite countertop really depends on your personal preferences.

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