Who Else Wants to Build a Greenhouse Around Their Home to Grow Food and Keep Warm Year Round

With all of the talk about the environment, it’s no wonder that more homeowners are looking for small ways to change their home in order to help the earth.

While it might seem like we all need to convert to solar power and start driving hybrids to make the most impact, if we all just took a few small steps, we could be sure to make a difference.  Everyone’s small steps add up to giant leaps.


“Inside the greenhouse, they grow tomatoes, figs, cucumbers, herbs and grapes and other things”

The easiest way to start conserving energy is to change your light bulbs to halogen or led bulbs.  Not only do these bulbs last up to seven years, but they also let you reduce your energy costs.

You can also try to turn the lights off whenever you’re not in the room, as well as unplug any appliances that you’re not using at the time.  Even your computer should be shut completely down at night to help reduce energy usage.

You can also look into using only natural bedding fibers, like cotton and bamboo.  These resources are renewable, so they don’t take away from the natural resources that are already dwindling.  You can also start looking into natural cleaners for your home to reduce the pollution of the ground water.

Check out the video below to see how a Swedish couple built a greenhouse around their home to keep warm and grow food year round.

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