How to Attract Butterflies To Your Garden in Six Simple Steps

Butterflies are a gorgeous creation of Mother Nature. Admit it; we have all chased them in our childhood. Even as adults, we love to see the little fluttering things in our gardens.

The following are some butterfly facts you might be unaware of until today:

  • Butterfly wings are transparent.
  • Butterflies have just a few weeks to live (usually 2/4 weeks).
  • Butterflies’ diet is based on all-liquid.
  • The taste receptor of a butterfly is located at their feet.

However, butterflies do not visit a garden very frequently.These butterflies can be encouraged to visit your garden through butterfly feeders.

Here are six simple steps to create these butterfly feeders and attract them through these:

Attract Butterflies By Making A DIY Feeder in 6 Simple Steps

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