How To Create the “Blue” Space in a Little Boy Room

How To Create the Blue Space in a Little Boy Room

The hardest places for doing up interiors are considered boys’ room whereas a touch of vintage or industrial inspiration can do wonders if applied cleverly. Bunk bed is the most popular and highly recommended item for boys along with a nightstand carrying comics, action figures, few eatables and a pendant light directly above.

Walls can be painted in grey or other neutral hues so that toys or other items can set an interestingly brighter tone. Colorful wall hangings such a huge poster of world map is an extremely fun and lively addition to the room. Pillows and throw cushions can also be of bright tones in order to create an overall color palette that is modern and enjoyable for the individual.

To know what else you can do with the room of your little genius, simply visit the following link.

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