Hunter Douglas Wooden Window Shutters

HUNTER DOUGLAS hardwood shuttersHunter Douglas and other brands of wooden window shutters can be used on the exterior of a home or they can be used inside the home.  Nothing has the same feel and look as a wood shutter.

Although technology has come a long way in making vinyl look like wood, they still do not quite measure up to the look of real wood.  This is the reason that many homeowners turn to real wood shutters for their home.

Wooden window shutters can be stained or painted, depending upon your needs.  If you have a more rustic and natural home, then stained shutters may help to enhance that look and feel more than a painted shutter.

It is essential that wooden shutters have a sealant on them to help them to withstand the effects of the weather, but there are many different treatments that are available in your local home improvement store that will give your shutters the extra protection that they need.

If you are using the wood shutters inside your home, then you can leave them natural, stain them, or paint them.  They make a great addition to the windows inside of your home, simply because they offer great light and privacy control.

They are easy to install and easy to open and close, which is what draws many homeowners into using them for their home.

Wood shutters, such as those offered by Hunter Douglas, are a wonderful way to add value and beauty to your home.  Whether you choose shutters for the inside or outside of your home, they will make your home feel more welcoming and full of life.

The warmth and coziness of genuine hardwood is paired with modern functionality with Heritance® wooden window shutters…

Heritance hardwood

Hunter Douglas Plantation

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