Ideas for Fancy Guest Rooms in 30 Minutes


ideas-for-fancy-guest-roomsA speedy yet fabulous way for fancying up the guest room is getting popular because of its on-budget remodeling and eye-catching décor. In order to speedily update the guest room it is recommended to use bright and fancy cushions and throw pillows that will generate a fresh and crispy look to the interior. image credit

Creating a feature wall with fabric has always turned out to be a fabulously eye-catching idea especially for guest rooms. Using a duct tape to border the bed’s headboard is the most economical way for fancying up the bed itself.

An accentuating cloth or wallpaper can be used to cover the headboard bordered by the colorful duct tape. Some interesting wall hangings or ceiling mount hangings also adds a little jazz to the guest room and adds to the flavor of the theme incorporated.

The following link contains more useful to decorate your room better.

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