Create an Inviting Warm Bedroom – How To Use a Mix of Textures and Personal Possessions

Create an Inviting Warm Bedroom

A worn brick wall and white plantation shutters create a focal point in a master bedroom decorated in warm earth tones.

When we noticed the ultimate goal when decorating any room at home is to create a functional and beautiful space that reflects the personality of the owner, I personally tried to give my personality to this room.

This is especially important in a bedroom and is accomplished through the use of interesting textures, colors and the use of accessories that personalize the room.

I finally designed my room with the juxtaposition of stark white plantation shutters next to a worn brick wall add texture and interest.

white plantation shutters


The white wood of the shutters is repeated in the very functional built-in storage units that house a modern flat screened television, as well as the headboard and footboard of the bed.

Warm earth tones of beige and brown, along with a soft sky blue are used to keep the space soothing and serene.

Nathan’s Heritage Modern Chicago Loft

Nathan's Heritage Modern Chicago Loft - apartmenttherapy

These colors can be found in the bedding and in accessories such as a vase of flowers and small items on the dresser top.

Other accessories like the intriguing stone statue speak of world travels and add personality to the room.

A combination of contrasting textures such as rough and smooth or shiny and flat, along with calming colors and the addition of personal treasures is sure to give us the bedroom we desire. I hope my contribution is published on your blog, and to help others who want to follow the same style…

Thanks, Emily, Florida

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