Is This Zen Enough for You?

Simplifying your life is the latest catchphrase to hit the decorating market. But what does that mean?  I tried to figure out how to make my place more Zen, but it ended up being a stressful experience in the process.  When you’re getting rid of stuff that you know and that you love, that’s never easy.

is-this-zen-enough-for-youimage Wonderlane

I tried to start by getting rid of everything that I didn’t love and that I didn’t use anymore.  But I had a hard time deciding what I could part with.  I loved that big plastic chair in the living room, but since it really wasn’t an ‘element’ like the Zen books told me, out it went. I added fountains, chimes, and everything else that was supposed to calm down the energy of my life.

I also got rid of my bright orange couch because it wasn’t as soothing to the soul.  And I also got rid of my plastic blinds, replacing them with bamboo shades.

After all of the changes I made, I found myself liking the living room a lot more.  It was calm, it was…well…Zen.  And while I may not be meditating in there any time soon, I would certainly give it a second thought now.

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