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Kitchen Designs with IslandsThe kitchen is, perhaps, the most used room in the entire house. Used to create breakfast cereals to intricate meals, the kitchen is a place of warmth, fun, and family. Often times, aspiring chefs find the kitchen to be simply too small. There is not enough counter space or prep area for the meals. An easy way to solve this is by the addition of kitchen islands.

Kitchen designs with islands come in a variety of shapes and sizes with the accessories of each one differing from the last. Some islands have a stove installed, some have sinks, and some have both.

gray island with white cabinets

If you love the above gray island with the white cabinets and the light fixture check out the whole layout at thriftydecorchick.com

Other islands that can be added to a preexisting kitchen can be done so without any major remodeling job. For instance you can get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of by building this DIY Kitchen Island.


More details here

These islands add counter space and cutting board area. Most have outlets where mixers, coffee makers, and whatever other accessory will be needed can be plugged in.

Added space is just one advantage of these kitchen islands; storage is another. Most kitchen islands come with ample storage in the form of cabinets or the more fashionable wicker slide out drawers.

Simply checkout this movable island. You could place it on the entrance wall to the right and move it around as you need it for storage, is it cool enough?

Small-Kitchen Storage
More small kitchen storage at bhg.com

Kitchen islands can come in every style imaginable. There are companies that will even create custom islands to fit the style in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Carts

While there are kitchen islands than can be built into the kitchen itself, for those with a smaller kitchen or who would rather not go through construction, mobile kitchen islands are also available. These islands on wheels are smaller than the stationary islands, but offer the same luxuries.

Some even feature small bar areas for breakfast or where one can sit down to take a break from preparing meals.

Kitchen islands are a great solution to common problems involving space and storage. Varying in size, style, and options, these islands are well worth having and create that perfect ambiance.

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