Laminate Countertops To Withstand The Counter Impact Of Wear And Tear

When a homeowner is concerned about getting the right kind of sturdy countertop for their kitchen island, then with the use of laminates, they can’t go wrong.

Q: We’ve been shopping around for our new home and the home remodeling project. Everything seems to be done except for the countertops. We don’t seem to agree on the countertops preference and would need your expertise in this regard.


I am overly keen on installing laminate countertops for the island in the kitchen. We have small children and they can get really messy. The contractor informed me about laminate being easy to clean. Would this be the right choice for an island in our kitchen? I certainly want to get this right as we won’t be remodeling our house frequently. I certainly want something that is durable and lasts us long taking the wear and tear that it is going to be put through at our home.

A: Taking your circumstances into consideration, you are certainly making a wise decision to get laminate countertops installed on your kitchen island. If you are considering this then look no further. We can safely vouch for you having made the right choice based on our expertise and experience.

A word of caution here, make sure that you buy only reputed brands in laminated such as Formica, Wilsonart and Nevamar. The best thing about these is that they are plastic coated synthetics.

New “ideal edge” formica countertops in Calcutta marble

formica countertops in Calcutta marble

Wilsonart HD line in Carrara Santorini.


Therein, they are extremely easy to install within no time. Also, the smooth surface that they come with is extremely easy to clean. Taking into consideration the small children at home and the spills and mess that is inevitable, mind you, you are certainly making the wisest of decisions here.

When you call in a professional contractor to set the laminate counters for you they will be able to cut them to the right size.

The finished edges can be done with the kind of finesse that only a top notch professional can come up with. Another good thing about the laminate is the fantastic color range that you can get them at. If you aren’t going to be remodeling your home for a long time, then go on and choose a color that is neutral so that it is easy to merge with the entire home decor. This is the perfect choice for a young family as it is durable and yet extremely inexpensive.

Also, it is easy to clean. Therefore, no amount of spills and mess on it, you will find it extremely easy to clean up.

The thing that you will need to care for is that it can be scratched and chipped easily. Once this happens it is almost impossible to repair it.

Therefore, ensure that you do not put your countertop to into that kind of a situation. Repair work is pricey and might not get them looking as good as new.

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