Small Laundry Room Organization & Storage Ideas

Laundry Room Organization & Storage Ideas

Laundry room organization can be very simple. There is not a whole lot of decorating involved, actually! Unless you have a very large home and laundry area, decoration will come down more to organization than actually decorating.

Making sure that everything has its place and that the room is in a working fashion are the most important facets of laundry room decoration.

For instance, Ronda Batchelor is a mother of six. She how this amazing busy mom came up with 8 clever DIY solutions to take her laundry room from barely functional to blissfully organized, everything on a $400 budget:

Laundry Room Cabinets & Using Wasted Space

First and foremost, you will need to maximize the space of the laundry room area by using the walls of the room. By building or installing laundry room cabinets that go from floor to ceiling, you can use more space while not taking away your floorspace.


Photo via Julie Blanner

DIY floating shelves and folding table

laundry-room-cabinets-shelvesby Jessica @

Laundry Room Before and After


by Kim Six @

It is always helpful to label all of the shelves and areas so other members of the household know where things in the laundry room go. This will eliminate a lot of clutter in the long run. It will also help you maintain your laundry room as a pleasant place to get work done.

You could hang nametags on bins and baskets

You could hang nametags on bins and baskets

Another decorating tip for laundry rooms is to use pretty wicker clothes hampers. This will add more character to the room than just using plastic bins.

Design an area to hold baskets for clean clothing:

I designed this area to hold baskets for clean clothing

Creative free labels for laundry room

Also, you can use different types of lighting in the room if there is more than one light source. You will need a bright white light for examining laundry, but a light blue or green light might give your laundry room a more modern feel.

This $30 laundry room farmhouse light looks perfect

laundry room farmhouse light

Always keep these words in mind when decorating a laundry room- clean and crisp. You want your laundry room to look like your laundry- clean and crisp. Bright, solid floors and walls are a great idea.

Instead of busy tiling and wallpaper, try hanging a couple of paintings in the room instead. Make sure to utilize the color theme of the room- blues or yellows are great color themes for decorating a laundry room.

inspiring small laundry room design

Also, do not decorate a laundry room with carpet- always use tiling. Carpet will stain and when you are using liquid detergents, you will want to avoid stains to keep that clean and crisp appearance.

Finally, decorate your laundry room by creating a nice ambiance. A laundry room should smell clean and crisp too- room sprays or plug-in fragrances will help keep the room feeling crisp and clean and not just looking that way.

When you have the perfect laundry room, doing the laundry won’t seem like such a chore.

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