An Awesome DIY Lava Lamp Idea To Give it a Go

lava-lamp-ideaLava lamps are designed as unique gift idea. They add colours and character to a room. Their hypnotic qualities are sure to please anyone who receives one as a gift. There are many different colors to choose from. With this wide variety of colors, it’s sure that you will find out the perfect lava lamp, which fits into any room.

Lava lamps were created in the 60s. The first lava lamp was designed in 1963 by an engineer, Edward Craven Walker, who sold it under the name Astro Lamp. They became one of the most well liked fashion in the United States during this decade.

Although they were very popular amongst gifts along the 60s, their popularity decrease in the 70s and 80s. Lava lamps still have some popularity amongst gifts, however they will never be again the same as in the 60s.

Lava lamps feature: Oozing slowly, morphing and separating in a pool of glowing liquid, their hypnotic qualities are sure to please anyone who receives one as a gift. They usually comes with brushed chrome bases and endless color combinations, therefore they can fit everywhere with whatever style of room. Lava lamps are usually 16 1/2″ tall and 4 1/2″

If you want to make your own lava lamp, here is the best tutorial I’ve found on the internet.

You know there are always people who like to test things out. Like for instance, what happens when a 24K Gold iPhone 6 is submerged in a huge lava lamp? Here it comes the answer:

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