36 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Cold Weather

36 Life Hacks to Help You Win at Cold WeatherHave you ever feel like cold weather gets the best of you? I’m sorry but unfortunately there will be people who will not agree with you. So, if winter weather is getting you down, and things like clear windshields may seem like dreaming the impossible dream, then you definitely need some of these old household advice as well as new techniques to keep warm and safe during the cold winter.

Jayson Matthews have put together 36 old weather hacks to keep you cozy this winter. Some of them (if not every) are absolutely jewel hacks. You can see them on Pioneer Settler at the link below to find:

  • Hacks for your car
  • Helpful tips to keep warm and save energy
  • Home remedies for cold and flu
  • And other miscellaneous hacks

“Did you know that extending your windshield wiper arms when you turn off the car so they won’t stick to the windshield overnight. Facepalm and shoulda thought of that…”

You can see them on Pioneer Settler at the link below. Check out these life hacks to help you win at winter, you will regret not to have done it before.

36 Pioneer Settler Cold Weather Hacks

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