How to Make A Closet Organizer to Hoard on to Shoes

A shoe closet is an essential part of any wardrobe nowadays considering the number of shoes that one needs to have. The right shoe for every occasion. Shoes Closet Organizer

Question: I’m in the process of buying myself a shoe closet organizer, before my husband donates all of my shoes to charity. I don’t want something really fancy as my budget is tight.

I would prefer to spend the money saved on shoes! The thing I have in mind is to keep them organized and out of view of my husband’s watchful observant eyes. Please advise….

Answer: It is always a good idea to invest in a shoe organizer. It is an extremely versatile and functional commodity. You can go on to increase the lifespan of your shoes and also, be able to pick the right shoe that you need.

When all of your shoes are arranged into neat rows one on top of the other, there can be no better feeling. Shoes that are stored in a good shoe organizer will never be in the way and have husbands tripping over them and thinking you have more shoes than needed.

They have been made for men and women’s shoes alike. You will love the feeling of being in control and empowerment that they bring to you.

While writing this article I came across a wonderful roundup which wraps the 33 most ingenious ways to store your shoes. The fact is that there are quite of them really useful. Head over Buzzfeed to check this wonderful list.

How a shoe closet should be simple and functional

You can have this kind of organizer for your shoes either installed in the closet or behind a door or on a wall in one corner of the bedroom that is not prominently noticeable.

What we advise our clients is to always look out for the wooden ones as these work out to be sturdier, durable and real value for money. Once you have bought them, you can continue to use them for years on end. You can buy one off the rack or have one made for your specifications by a home remodeling contractor.

Find a good carpenter who will be able to set it together or if time is a constraint then buy one right off the peg.

Never again will your shoes be found lying around all over the house once you have a shoe closet organizer.

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