Are you brave enough to display this unique and fun couch in their living room?

Marshmallow CouchFunctional and whimsical, the Marshmallow Couch may not be for everyone. Sure, the metal frame and light weight body is easy on the back, but not everyone will be brave enough to display this unique and fun couch in their living room.



George Nelson is the mastermind behind this design which takes a very bold step into futuristic fashion. The couch is comprised of several individual disks that are sturdy, interchangeable, and colorful.

First conceived in the 1950’s, the Marshmallow Couch has an unmistakable retro flair with a touch of the atomic age and a foreshadowing of the pop art mania that was to come.

Decades later, the Marshmallow Couch looks like something from a science fiction movie and it is that exact future flavor that gives it such popularity.

Each of the cushions is removable for easy cleaning and rotation making sure every cushion sees its fair share of use.

These cushions can come in a variety of colors including blueberry, lemon peel and tomato.

The most popular color scheme is the Multi which uses the tomato, nasturtium, and blueberry. The cushions are vinyl and the frame is a lovely brushed steel.

The Marshmallow Couch should be used with great consideration as it will certainly not go with the more traditional décor styles.marshmallow-couch-lemon marshmallow-couch-lemon2

While home use may not be the right place for this Marshmallow Couch, small businesses are known to use these in their lobbies as well as other commercial venues that find the fun design suit their clientele and agenda.

The Marshmallow Couch is certainly not your grandmother’s couch or any couch that you may have previously seen. However, this couch is functional, beautiful, and stylish and is gaining popularity.

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