Top Tips to an Easy Microfiber Sofa Cleaning

The microfiber sofa is a perfect match to the stain-resistance of the sofa’s material. Usually they are made of solid wood lumber, where corners are glued, blocked and stapled.

Since microfiber technology can remove the need for chemicals, cleaning costs then are drastically decreased. Microfiber is a totally non-abrasive, lint free, high-tech cleaning cloth. A microfiber sofa has taken the auto detailing world by storm, changing the way that people care for their living-rooms and sofas.

Microfiber sofas need special products to be dusted, Why?

Because special cleanliness products like Micro-Restore are better than a common household goods, that’s because most cleaning products have some form of bleach and fabric softener included in their formulas.

Over time bleach breaks down the micro-fibers, and fabric softeners clog the microscopic pours that make microfiber so effective, rendering the microfiber product less effective with each washing.

Most cleaning microfiber sofa products are optimized blend of chelating agents and builders in an aqueous system. It provides excellent cleaning for microfiber furniture and performance to effectively dust.

Microfiber is a revolutionary, man made fiber, 100 times finer than a human hair, that can be processed, woven and finished in a variety of different ways to achieve a desired end result, this special material allow us to design our own microfiber sofa.

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How to clean a microfiber couch

Microfiber Sofa Cleaning

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Why are they becoming so popular everywhere?

Microfiber sofas are becoming popular because they offer easy maintenance. Increasingly, homes are incorporating microfiber sofas into their decoration schemes. Microfiber is the tiniest man made fiber possible with today’s technology. It is one hundred times finer than a human hair. It is very popular because fabrics produced from microfiber are soft, lightweight, and easy to care for.

Additionally, the fibers leave no lint or dust, so they are highly recommended for allergy sufferers. These fibers are used to create clothing, cleaning cloths, polishing cloths, and all types of furniture including headboards, chairs, and sofas. Cleaning a microfiber sofa should not be a difficult process.

Microfiber, by its very nature, is stain resistant. As a result, stain products like Scotch Guard or other fabric protection materials are usually unnecessary with this type of sofa. Some furniture retail outlets offer protection plans that will help with stain resistance, so if that is one of your big concerns, contact your retailer to see if a protection plan is right for you.

How to Clean Microfiber Furniture

For general microfiber furniture cleaning, though, a drop or two of mild detergent, like dish soap or laundry detergent, combined with a bit of water should clean your microfiber sofa in no time.

Odors like urine can be easily eliminated by blotting the stain with white vinegar and distilled water, applying baking soda, then vacuuming. For the most part, cleaning will be an easy process if it is true microfiber. Imposter materials, though, may be more difficult to clean.

The majority of microfiber sofas use polyester as the base fabric because it has the ability to absorb color better than other materials. As a result of this chemical process, the color is forced to stay in the fiber, and no other treatments will ever be necessary.

It may be necessary to occasionally have your microfiber sofa steam cleaned. It is fairly safe, but a professional cleaning service might not only do the best cleaning job, but also do the best job of protecting your microfiber sofa. Finally, to clean lint from your sofa, a simple lint roller (the kind that is sticky) should be the best option. Vacuuming might help in some cases as well.

If you’re looking for a DIY microfiber sofa cleanerm here is the only one ingredient needed and works like a charm.DIY-Microfiber-Sofa-Cleaner-athomewithmyhoney

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