Pretty Minnie Mouse Room Decorating Ideas

Does your room is in need of a Disney magic look? Congratulations, you can definitely find a variety of ideas to start decorating. For starters, you can go for giant wall decalcomania of Minnie Mouse. Decal of Minnie Mouse is great for both children and elders.

You can reposition with ease and remove according to your need. You can also show your sense of fashion with Minnie Mouse Fashionishta wall gems. Like ones I’ve found at etsy.They are available in eight different poses where Minnie also says quotes like “Classic cutie, All Girl, All style, Smiles are in Style”.

Minnie Mouse Fashionishta wall gems

If you worry about hanging them on your wall, you will be happy to know that they are very easy to hang; you just need to peel your stickers from their back and paste them on the wall.

You can also go for Bow-tique wall decalcomania if you want to fill your room with colorful butterflies’ bows of flowers along with Minnie Mouse. But if you are bored with old style dull stickers then bring your walls a new kind of life with 3D Minnie mouse stickers.

3D Minnie mouse stickers

Minnie Mouse 3D Foam Sticker found at

You can add easy and quick 3D wall art of Minnie Mouse to any space of your home. They are easy to use – you just need some sticky tape and use it on the back of your character to fix it.

The best thing about these stickers is that they never leave any kind of sticky residue on your wall when you remove them.

Overall, Minnie Mouse room decor ideas are virtually unlimited, and you can play with them for sure. To help you make up your mind, have a closer look at this short but great collection we’ve designed for you…

Disney Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck

Disney Minnie Mouse & Daisy Duck

Minnie Mouse Wall Murals for Girls Room Design

Minnie Mouse Wall Murals for Girls Room Design

Available on and Amazon

Cool Ideas for Disney-Inspired Rooms

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