Sensational Modern Staircase Designs With Light Insertions


While refurnishing our homes we forget the most important part and that is staircase. We mostly neglect it because of its location, which is mostly on the extreme side of the house but in fact, they can actually play a big role in improving the outlook of your home. I didn’t have any idea of what wonderful modern staircase designs you can find!

By adding some lighting, you can entirely change the make your home extravagant and decent…

Over at blog you’ll find 12 pictures of staircases designs. Very futuristic ideas within their Luxo line of CORIAN andmarble staricases. Perfect for contemporary interiors.

I though like so much these ideas…. who doesn’t? But not sure how practical it is one of these staircases from the perspective of every day design and usability… replacing insesrtions LEDs, etc.  What are your thoughts. Would you install a Luxo line staricase on your next home renovation?

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