15 Genius Ways to a More Roomy Home

more-roomy-homeWhen rooms are crowded and look exhausted with unnecessary material it becomes important to make space.

Here is what you can do with the kitchen, living room, shelves and places; add broad windows and change the lighting to make it look grand.

Moreover, with the help of an architect one can transform the model of a bedroom. 8 ways sunset.com talks on this article:

  1. Uncover curb appeal
  2. Play with height and light
  3. Think vertical
  4. Fill in the gaps
  5. Get more out of the island
  6. Open up the floor plan
  7. Try storage that flexes
  8. Maximize storage

It’s worth checking out the possibilities these tips can offer for small space houses  More on the ideas mentioned below:  space-saving room ideas

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