The Perfect Apartment Kitchen Idea For Tiny Houses

perfect-apartment-kitchen-idea-for-tiny-housesWhen you type in Google for apartment kitchen ideas, you didn’t expect to come up the “2 Foot by 2 Kitchen” concept by Clei. It is essentially the perfect solution for a tiny houses. This sound hilarious, but when people explore it, they fall in love with it. You can call it an e-kitchen also.

If you see the picture it may look like some gimmick, but it is the practical version for what a person can fit into a small apartment. It has various facilities and can easily fit into this modern world.


Furthermore, it is spacious, multi-purpose, and transferrable.

I love the concept, however there’s no oven. So this is for people who don’t cook. If you’re someone who enjoys cooking, then this isn’t for you. Because you cannot live without an oven.

More details and a good review of  the 2-foot-by-2-foot kitchen –

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