Things you Didn’t Know About Property Brothers


HGTV’s “Property Brothers” is hands down the crack cocaine of reality TV, and the chances are you already know the handsome twins from this show who are also the stars of Brother vs. Brother and Buying & Selling.

Property Brothers are two handsome folks (identical twins) from Canada, and these real estate pros help fix up dilapidated houses into something special – and that too without going out of your budget. Here we’ve covered some interesting things people may not already know about the show and the brothers.

Enjoy the Biggest Hit of This Era

No one can deny the fact that Property Brothers is one big hit. Did you know the ratings for this show are through the roof with 19 million people watching the last season? It’s definitely an astronomical number when you talk about cable television.

Millions Watched the Latest Season

In 2014, over 1.6 million people have watched the season premier, making Property Brothers one of top shows on the network; in fact, it broke all records, convincing the bigwigs at HGTV that the show deserves more airtime. What’s even interesting, the Scott brothers are now starring three shows with outstanding ratings.

Meet the Real World Travelers

Did you already know that both brothers from this hit reality show are world travelers? Not only have they traveled around the world, they have also become luggage experts through this serious traveling. They do a ton of traveling – for work and for play – and stay on the road usually 11 and-a-half months out of the year.

They Cross Ways Even When Traveling

Quite interestingly, they are out giving lectures when they are not filming. In a recent tour, one brother went to Bali, Hong Kong and the Philippines, whereas the other visited Prague, Amsterdam, and Budapest, but they both met in Mykonos and had a great time together. By the way, the sources have confirmed that Drew is more diva-like on the road as compared to Jonathan.

Two Boys Surprise

It will definitely come as a surprise to many that the parents of this ‘dynamic duo’, who have already made to ‘People’s Magazine’s list of Sexiest Men Alive’, didn’t know they are going to have two boys. In fact, the doctor didn’t know this from the beginning, and they only found about Drew a few minutes after Jonathan was born.

Be the One to Get Interesting Décor Ideas

Did you know both Drew and Jonathan always offer interesting décor ideas and even help travelers learn how they can bring their experience back home with them?. They always emphasize the importance of bringing décor that is going to fit on a shelf, like conversation pieces or stories that would surround a piece of art. They are the ones to confirm you can easily use persona photos as small décor pieces.

Dynamic Duo Becoming Advertisers’ Wet Dream

In the span of three years, the show has managed to build a strong fan following, and that’s not it – it has really helped the twins become advertiser’s top choice. That’s obvious too – they are tall, polite to a fault, and handsome.

Women Love Them

They actually ooze charisma, and that’s not a surprise that more than 70% of their viewers are women, ranging from 25 to 54 years of age.

No Way to Tell them Apart Just By Listening Their Voice

One thing very common in this duo is their voice quality – it’s so similar that even their mother sometimes finds it impossible to tell them apart over the phone. She usually uses one interesting methods – she knows Jonathan uses bigger words.

Meet the Brothers Who Can Act

Oh yes, you know them as handsome hunks, but they have much more to their personalities. Both have ‘great’ actors in them – Drew has appeared on Smallville, and Jonathan has performed on the X-Files.

See How Handsome Directors Can Be

Besides being great actors, they are also interested in direction and production. This interest made them to lay the foundation of Dividian Production Group.

Bagpipers at Work

Quite interestingly, both brothers were once competitive bagpipers – that’s something associated with their Scottish heritage.

They Starters Small – Literally

Not many people know that Property Brothers took their first renovation project when they were little children – the first project was to renovate their bedroom. Jonathan had a crush on Cristina Applegate in his childhood but it wasn’t possible for them to have posters of her favorite celebs to change the look of their room, but nothing could stop them from making small changes with furniture and stuff.

Teenage Homeowners

By the way, this hilarious duo was only 17 when they bought their first house, and they flipped a house in college that yielded $50,000 in profit.

They Love for Tattoos

Drew shows great interest in tattoos, and he has a full sleeve tattoo that shows a beautiful kitchen scene featuring an elaborate subway tile back splash and an apron sink – a zombie Snow White is also there below the kitchen scene. Quite interestingly, many people don’t know of this tattoo because it has never appeared on camera.

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