Puzzotto Puzzle Piece Ottoman, The Perfect Compliment to The Children’s Bedrooms

Puzzotto Puzzle Piece Ottoman

Children’s room are not often the ones to have some of the most stylish and trendy furniture.

And with just reason: on average, kids are not all that interested in the appearance of their room, just as long as they can play in there and occasionally sleep there whenever the mood strikes them.

Many parents find this a source of constant aggravation as they want to provide their children with something more than the standard furniture for the room.

Racecar beds are no longer the hippest piece of furniture and corner nets for stuffed animals have gone the way of the dinosaur, so what, exactly is a fashion conscious parent to do?

Puzzotto has developed the next great thing for the kids room. Puzzottos fun and stylishly designed ottoman are perfect for any room for any kid.

Shaped like large jigsaw pieces, these ottomans are able to stand alone or attach together to create coffee tables and whatever else the imagination can conjure.


The Puzzotto ottoman come in three colors; red, green, and blue. The dimensions of the individual pieces are 22.5” in width by 13.5” in height which is perfect for any little one or anyone else who may appreciate the whimsy and fun of these pieces.

Lightweight and easy to construct or deconstruct, kids of all ages will have fun arranging, sitting, and playing on the Puzzotto ottomans.

The ottomans are versatile and are able to withstand nearly any of the daily assaults that most children’s furniture is subjected to.

The Puzzotto ottoman is a perfect addition to a room where style and trends are often placed aside in favor of toys and games.

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